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As a UX Designer with a background in healthcare, I prioritize human understanding in every design I create. Through my creativity and attention to detail, I craft impactful and intuitive experiences.

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I'm a UX designer based in Vancouver, who has a passion for solving problems and creating designs that are not only functional but also enjoyable to use.

Before pursuing a career in design, I had graduated from medical school, where I gained a few white hairs, and invaluable life skills. I learnt first hand the importance of understanding a patient's needs and desires in order to improve their quality of life, and while I loved the field of medicine, in particular the mental health field, I realized my true passion lay elsewhere, and after some soul-searching, I transitioned into UX design where I found my real passion; utilizing my creative problem solving skills in order to create meaningful and effective solutions for users. I was instantly captivated by the iterative process of deconstructing and reconstructing designs in order to create elegant solutions for users, and felt a comfortable familiarity within UX considering my background in healthcare.

Currently, I am also pursuing a Master's in Computer Science and Information Technology to expand my technical expertise and better understand the software development process in order to complement my skill set as a UX designer, but mostly because I needed a weekend hobby.

My goal as a UX designer, is to create designs that are not only user-friendly, but also technically sound, enjoyable, and impactful. My approach to design is centered around simplicity and a focus on the narrative of the product. As with any good story, I feel design should be compelling, and rooted in intention in order to deliver memorable and efficient user experiences.

So come along, and let’s tell a story together!

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